Sunday, June 07, 2009

Sunday Game 2 Randomosity

  • kendra-wilkinsonOverall market charts look good and poised for another leg higher. The market seems to be thumbing its nose at the Sell in May and Go Away folks. So far.
  • The calendar strength period for the market is over, as 401(k) adds are in for the month for those who methodically dollar-cost average into mutual funds. If one held the calendar up, one might think that a pullback in the week prior to options expiration is a possibility. But sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't work. So far there hasn't been high-volume selling in the market. Why fight that trend?
  • Lost baseball bets in Reno yesterday. Man, I have to quit those run line bets! I was on such a streak with taking the home team with the better pitcher on the run line (win by 2 or more). Now I'm on the wrong side of a streak! Just like the stock market. Once the system is known, it stops working!
  • Driving up over the hill from Sac to Reno was interesting. Felt like winter. In the 30's in Truckee. Brrrr.
  • Kendra Wilkinson from Playboy's Girls Next Door starts her own reality show tonight.
  • Lakers favored by 7 today over the Magic. I think the Magic will tighten it up. But I couldn't put a bet on it. As a Lakers fan, I didn't want to take the Magic. But on the money line, for the Magic to win straight up today, the pay off was $29 for $10 bet. Tempting, as the Lakers have been up and down during the playoffs. I could see the Lakers being a little lax and the Magic hitting more shots today. I almost did it, but I decided I'm just going to be a fan today.

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