Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Market, Maria Sharapova, Jon and Kate

  • IBD began today still having the market under pressure.  Surprised they didn't flip to correction mode with yesterday's selling and many leaders violating 50dma.  They say the lower volume made the day less than it seemed. 
  • Pre-Fed day on the market, as folks sit and wait it out.  Market decides not to do anything today and to wait it out and see if Bernanke waxes on or waxes off on the future, interest rates, etc.
  • A fourth-generation nuclear reactor that runs on nuclear waste.  PRISM is GE’s (GE) name for an integral fast reactor, or IFR, and it’s a pretty great technology. The amount of fuel which already exists for such reactors would be enough to power the world for millennia — no new mining needed. Fast reactors also solve at a stroke the problem of what to do with the vast amounts of nuclear waste which are being stockpiled unhappily around the world. They’re super-safe: if they fail they just stop working, they don’t melt down.  Very cool.  Build 'em!
  • Insurance companies warn that nationalized health care would dismantle company-provided health care.  Easy call, as companies would be able to dismantle their HR departments that deal with health benefits and just throw it all on the government's shoulders.  Which of course, wink wink nudge nudge, is what the government's goal is. 
  • Remember the days when you could just call a doctor and make an appointment and go in?  Paraphrasing Ronald Reagan, the nine-most feared words in the English language are "I'm from the government and I'm here to help."  Stay healthy.  Eat well and exercise, and hope your DNA is strong.
  • What is the lesson learned from Jon and Kate Plus 8?  Wait until after The Emmy's to file for divorce? They filed for divorce on Monday.  The show presents a melancholy view of the future, while each of them says how they love their kids but basically not each other.
  • The folks at Crooked Houses probably got a good deal with viewer eyeballs on Jon and Kate yesterday.  But with the melancholy theme, you wonder if folks were patiently waiting for the interview room rather than the kids and the crooked houses.
  • Maybe more interesting going forward, is how the family adapts to divorce.  And how many young hotties Jon dates.
  • Ed McMahon dies at 86.

Picture is of Maria Sharapova!

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