Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Lazy Tuesday with Megan Fox

  • The market finished basically flat. Felt like a lazy Summer day. I have a little $AAPL fatigue after yesterdays new iPhone 3GS announcement. I'm not going to pay the premium to upgrade early.
  • The Supremes decided that the Chrysler-Fiat deal could go through. Just think if it didn't. That might have been the end of Chrysler.
  • Actors gett two year deal. So I think this means TV shows are safe. Phew.
  • Jon and Kate is getting hard to watch. But I do watch. LOL The whole thing is a train wreck and we get to watch it. Not just on Monday nights, but all week long on the entertainment shows.
  • I do like foreign emerging markets. Not Russia, though. But one thing that concerns me is currency exchange rates. The dollar is weak and maybe it seems ridiculous to think it will ever be strong again. But what if?

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