Monday, June 08, 2009

Fake Fruit Afternoon

  • There was nothing in the $AAPL keynote today that would make me want to rush out and immediately upgrade my current 3G iPhone to the new 3GS iPhone. Yes, it's faster and has a better camera. You can take 30fps movies. Some voice features. Sales start June 19th.
  • Pricing for new customers is $199 for the 16G model and $299 for 32G. So if you are in the middle of a contract, you have to wait. At least until initial sales slow down, LOL.
  • Better for Apple and ATT is the $99 price for the existing (er, "old") 3G iPhone. That'll bring new customers in.
  • The upgrades to the operating system are very nice for existing iPhones.
  • Market seemed to turn around in the last hour and close basically flat.
  • Crunchberries aren't a real fruit.
  • Will natural gas be the next rally? Natural gas has been very volatile. I can see energy demand going up as the economy improves. Oil has already rallied considerably and is around $68. But natural gas has been lagging due to lots of supply.

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