Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Closing Cash Check

  • I don't see anything here that would cause me to sell stocks and head for the hills. Today was one of those days where it could've been worse. A big rally to close the day trimmed losses. Volume was light.
  • What do you think about REITs here? I know we're all afraid of real estate, but check out some of the charts. I don't own any here, FWIW. But the charts do look interesting and the dividends are fat.
  • So I'm reading the 5 Steps to Becoming a Millionaire, and thinking that it's so obvious it hurts. Try to convince someone of these 5 things and they'll think your cruel and heartless. As if it's easy for you to do, but not them. Really. Try it.
  • We are a product of our choices. (Yes, another cruel and heartless comment).
  • Ben Bernanke (no, that's not him in the picture) says deficits matter. I hope you weren't drinking chocolate milk as you read that. The government is doing nothing but binge spending, and the Fed is buying Treasuries near the height of a bond bubble. I don't know about these guys. The link is to EconomistMom who actually links somewhere else for the content, but we'll refer it to her as her RSS feed was at the top of my reader.
  • Reuters Exposes Gore's Global Warming Profit Motive. Shocker.
  • Rick Santelli says Tim Geithner is lying about monetizing the debt. Probably. That's what has to happen, right? No way we're ever going to pay that back without inflating the currency.

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