Sunday, June 14, 2009

Back in Sac Sunday

  • It's funny how just after a few days away, one feels disconnected from the news. An Iranian election?  What?
  • I did peak at stocks to see that they mostly drifted sideways to end with a slight gain for the week.  As the world economies improve, energy prices continue to go up.  Not a shocker.  I think we'll be at $4-5 gasoline sooner rather than later.
  • I watched the Lakers-Magic game Thursday night.  I was at a party watching the game with Lakers fans.  I'm a Lakers fan here in NorCal, so I rarely have anyone cheering with me.  That was nice to see folks get excited by a Lakers win.  And what a game!  It seemed very unprobable.  This series could easily be 3-1 in either direction.
  • No opinion on the Iranian election, and I don't care if it was stolen or if George Bush/Karl Rove were behind the election theft.  But I think if Iran is fighting internally, it sure beats them focusing their hatred externally. 
  • Obama's Health Care Tour is in the headlines.  Lots of complaining about corporation profits in health care.  But what are corporations?  People!  And where do the profits go?  To people!  Employees and investors. 
  • Will investors invest in healthcare if there are limited profits?  No, investors will invest elsewhere.  So if investment into health care declines, where does the research into new cures, medicines, equipment and facilities come from?  Where will the money come from to employ people?  These are some of the questions that nobody seems to be asking.
  • It's Sunday.  I'm back in Sac.  SoCal was fun.  Picked up some of my Dad's things from the step-mom.  Went to Disneyland.  Forgot to adjust my fantasy baseball line-up, and that worked out for the best as a couple of my pitchers were rocked, and I had them on the bench.  Hallelujah.
  • So I've been having problems with the Disqus comment system.  Maybe adjusting the blogger comment tab has helped.  We shall see.
  • Enjoy the day!  Go Lakers!

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