Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday Reversal (with Grace Park!)

  • So we have a negative MACD divergence on this recent bounce over 900 on the SP500. Volume is higher on down days. Oh, and a big reversal today after the market was up.
  • So you know. It'll all be obvious in hindsight, and predicting the future is a tough gig, but it looks like the market wants to stop going up. The signs are there.
  • It's kind of funny how the news reports the market. Just two weeks ago, the market was going up despite the bad news. The news was all priced in and the market was looking forward to a growing economy. Last week, the bad news was driving the market down, and the market was looking forward to a double-dip recession. This week? The bad news is still coming in, but the market was up, then listless, then down.
  • Since the news has remained consistantly bad, yet the market has been all over the place, it must be something else driving market prices. Global warming? Tim Geithner speaking engagements? The return of Grace Park in The Cleaner? (Well, the latter isn't until Summer, but the market does look to the future...)
  • Life at the Fun Factory has been tapping all my energy the last week or so, that's why "light" on the blogging. It happens. And I haven't been out reading the others (see links in the sidebar) lately. Still getting in the workout afterhours, but then just melting into the sofa. It'll change. And I'm pretty glad that the daylight is lasting until way after 8pm here. That at least makes it feel like there is some time after work to do something.

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