Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Vote

  • American Idol: I voted for Kris Allen. I think the judges were leaning Adam Lambert.
  • Market paused today. I do sense a creeping optimism that things are improving. But that can be so fickle. Anyway, I already feel in holiday mode so I am sure Wall Street does.
  • President Obama pushing a new higher vehicle MPG goal to 2016. This is probably the right thing to do - if we can technically do it. It will raise the price of cars, unless automakers shift more factories overseas. Cheaper labor, you know.
  • Shawn Johnson wins Dancing with the Stars. She was the best last night. I think that freestyle routine was good. Surprised Cheryl Burke didn't come up with something better for Giles.

I guess with an entry title of The Vote, I could have talked about the CA VOTE today. But clearly, that was the third most important vote this week!

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