Friday, May 08, 2009


  • alyssa milano Where to start...  Market rallying early through mid-day.  Nasdaq again lagging.  Jobless rate up to 8.9%.  Oil up to $58.  Bond market showing that it may be broken - inflation coming?  Yeah, that's the worry with the oodles of stimulus spending.  More later as the day unfolds.
  • Dodgers home win streak ends with the Manny Ramirez suspension.  Quite a game last night.  The bullpen fell apart, but the hitters tried to fight back late and couldn't do it.  It'll be interesting to see how the bums do with Manny out.  It will affect them.  Can they hold on until July 3rd?  Just play near .500 ball and then gear up for the home stretch?
  • I think if you've missed the initial bump in natural gas (UNG) and oil, it will pull back. Whenever I chase anything, I buy right before the pullback.  Don't you?  Patience!  And if it doesn't pullback, it's okay.  There is always something else breaking out that will.  Check out health care right now - hey, are folks becoming more defensive as we pull into Summer???
  • California voters looking at the propositions on the May 19th ballot, and the polls show that the voters are rejecting them.  Except for the one that limits Legislature pay when there is a budget deficit.  LOL.

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