Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Grass is Always Greener

  • The Summer stock market selling season looks to be under way and I would understand anyone who has taken or considering taking chips off of the table. The difficult decision is figuring out when to get back in, but the key to remember is that one can get back in.
  • The market continued where it left off yesterday, and continued to fall. Economic concerns ruled the day. The dollar was pounded, treasuries were pounded, natural gas was pounded, and gold rallied. Market volume was relatively light, but there have been plenty of distribution days recently so I don't think that's much solace to the bull case.
  • The favorable ratings for former President Bush and Vice President Cheney have gone up. What? The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Once the country went to the other side of the fence, it's amazing how similar the view is. But you only get a chance to hop the fence in the even years.
  • Cheney has been fun to watch. He's the Charles Barkley of politics. Cheney needs some sidekicks like Earnie and Kenny!
  • Sometimes the toughest decision of the day is what kind of picture to put up with the blog entry. I never tire of Grace Park. But I do try to find something in the news that ties in to something I'm writing about. If not or I'm being lazy, then I just go with Grace. Or Lakers Girls. But I found out that "Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles" is not being renewed. So lets go with Summer Glau today. I liked that show. But I do like the sci-fi and adventure themes more than the hospital dramas. It must just be me. Oh well, see you soon on something else, Summer.
  • Underappreciated rocker? Greg Kihn!
  • American Idol: As a coworker commented, there really hasn't been anyone as original and dynamic as Adam Lambert. Also that Kris Allen was "a dime a dozen" type. I was never a fan of Adam's shrieking and some of his reworkings didn't quite work. If that's what made him unique, it was hit or miss. We'll see how the music sales go. I don't think it was an "upset." Heck, Adam was in the bottom two the previous week with Danny Gokey, and you know the majority of Danny's votes had to go to Kris.
  • Both Adam and Chris will do well. I think Allison Iraheta will do well, too. She was my favorite this season. Love the women rockers.
  • You know, just to get back to energy for a second, I think a pullback in natural gas is interesting. Sometime when you have nothing better to do and you're watched enough Mika Tan videos for the moment, read all the bull-bear cases for UNG. Plenty of views from both sides on the future of natural gas.

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