Monday, May 11, 2009

Distribution Monday

  • Another poor day for the market both numerically and technically. Decliners led 4-1, financials took a beating, and energy retreated.  On a positive note, the Nasdaq 100, which lagged last week, was in the green. 
  • It'll be interesting to see what IBD has to say today.  Definitely another distribution day, and they seem to be adding up here as the market looks tired.  Will this be another year where the Summer seasonality (sell in May) works?
  • Dodgers 1-4 without Manny.  Just saying.  And that's at home.  Now they go back East.
  • Downloaded RSS Player for the iPhone.  Basically, you can subscribe to podcasts and play on the iPhone without syncing to iTunes.  99-cents.  I'm listening to Tom Sullivan right now! 
  • I was a $NFLX movie hound over the weekend (again).  Watched 4 movies at home.  One on the DVD and three streamed off Netflix to the TV.
  • I didn't go see the new Star Trek movie.  Yet.
  • Chloe from 24.  Hey, she's on Twitter!