Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Cinco de Mayo Randomosity

  • On Cinco de Mayo, the market takes a siesta from the rally and pulls back. Volume very light today.  Technically, no worries.  I think in the back of "everyone's" mind is that at some point this consecutive weeks up streak will end.  We also have seasonality heading towards us.
  • I remain long, but watching.
  • Oil prices pulled back a bit today, but remember that they've gone from the $30s to close over $54 yesterday.  As the world economies recover, demand will increase.  The US isn't doing anything to improve our energy infrastructure, so expect energy bills to go up.  People forget that one of the reasons for consumers cutting back in 2008 was near-$5 gasoline.
  • As Congress discusses global warming, scientists are worried about a mini ice age. The sun is the least active it's been in decades and the dimmest in a hundred years. The lull is causing some scientists to recall the Little Ice Age, an unusual cold spell in Europe and North America, which lasted from about 1300 to 1850.
  • Time for a new Al Gore film about glaciers expanding and covering the planet.  I'm sure the crew can photoshop a polar bear in Cabo San Lucas to help Gore get another Oscar.
  • We're at the point where blogging seems so 2003 and Twitter is the new fad in town.  So there's this rumor that Apple is going to buy Twitter.  A source who’s plugged into the Valley’s deal scene and has been recruited by Apple for a senior position says Apple and Twitter are in serious negotiations, with the goal of unveiling a deal by June 8, when Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference launches in San Jose.
  • Cinco de Mayo lunch?  Dos Coyotes.  I thought the place was going to be packed, but no volume there, either.

Above picture is of Lie to Me's Monica Raymund. Yes, again. LOL. Look, it was either Monica or this festive cartoon pic. While the cartoon pic does have its charm, it came in a distant second in my internal polling numbers.

Cinco de Mayo is a big deal here. Some downtown streets are closed for a block party. What is Cinco de Mayo? Read about it!

I will go nowhere near downtown today, as cultural events downtown sometimes turn out the gangs and a big Police presence. Too bad.