Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swine Flu Randomosity

  • Oil closed down on the #swineflu worries that energy demand will decrease.  The thought is that folks will order movies from $NFLX (as an example) instead of going on vacation, or driving somewhere where people are congregating and spreading germs.
  • lakers girls jennifer Picture is of Laker Girl Jennifer.  Go Lakers!  I'm kind of worried about the team's defense, so anything the cheerleaders can do to distract the other team.  Just saying.
  • Don't be a Swine Flu Stock Pig!
  • E-trade bombs after earnings, while Dendreon rises.
  • It's Jennifer's first year as a Laker Girl.
  • My biggest concern for the economy going forward remains energy.  I know, it's not in the headlines right now.  But the economy is improving and so will energy demand.  How is Obama doing on energy his first 100 days in?  Well, not so good.
  • (Above is conservative link, but I just can't link to any site that believes windmills and solar panels are a serious answer to our future energy needs).
  • Don't have many thoughts on NFL draft.  Watched some in Reno, but who the heck knows how those guys will turn out?
  • Jennifer majored in Political Science at UCLA.  Say, Jen, what do you think of Arlen Spector changing from (R) to (D)?  Does he go from RINO to DINO? I think he's just a political animal trying to get elected.  As are most of them.
  • I don't think it's the "end" of the GOP.  While the GOP hurt itself with the War in Iraq and very liberal spending, the Democrats are giving us more of the same.  Stay tuned, that's all.
  • Dodgers-Giants great game.  Tons of runners left on base in this one.  20 through 8.

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