Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Pullback Continues

  • More selling today, as investors prepare for earnings season.

  • Alcoa stepping up to the plate as I type. Looks mostly flat afterhours. Not seeing any headlines yet. The Yahoo message board is buzzing with the usual pimping of gap up or gap down tomorrow.

  • GM and Segway announce a crazy 2-wheel car. Runs on electricity for about 35 miles at about 35mph. Is anyone really interested in one of these things? GM is on the brink of bankruptcy and this kind of thing is not going to be a mass market game changer.

  • Alcoa moving down now. $497M loss in first quarter.

  • Reading about how unemployment is going to hurt food sales. But then an article a few lines below says one in four kids is overweight. LOL. (no link, on iPhone and no copy-paste)

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