Monday, April 13, 2009

Market Reverses, Alyssa Milano, and Dodgers

  • The market started out lower and reversed nicely. The SP500 and Nasdaq finished up, the DOW finished down.  Advancers led decliners - good.  Volume relatively light.
  • How are the financials doing?  From Yahoo FinanceFinancials were able to close with a 4.8% gain, a bit shy of their session high, and are now down 11.0% year-to-date. That means financials are no longer the worst performing sector this year.   Nice comeback.
  • Are you worried about inflation?  Many people are seeing the amount of stimulus and debt the US is putting out there, combined with very low interest rates, and thinking the eventual result will be inflation.  Somewhere. Down the road.  Looking for inflation defense?
  • You know, I'm not worried, just yet, about the end of the national currencies and the eventual need for a global currency (and a mark in your hand or forehead, so you can buy and sell).  But I do believe that the Fed will have to keep a very close watch and try to be proactive.  They're not the best at that, but lets hope they get one right.
  • I think the economy has turned around and that we're going to see economic growth start to show up in the numbers.  Not just here, but in other world economies, too.  My thoughts are that the next thing we're going to see is a big increase in energy demand.  I've said it before.  Here it is again.  Watch energy.  Oil.  We (the US) don't have much of an energy policy other than to keep doing things the way we have been doing things.  So, an oil crunch will come.  Again.
  • Giants-Dodgers game on this afternoon.  Dodgers smoked a 6 run inning to take a 7-1 lead.  Most of those runs came off of 8-million-dollar man Randy Johnson.  Love to see the Giants get pounded. Love to see an $8M pitcher get pounded.  Life is good.  Listening on the iPhone app!  Of course!  Orlando Hudson just tripled, and has hit for the cycle. First time since Wes Parker in 1970.

Dodgers fan Alyssa Milano with her iPhone!