Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Market Rally and Pig Kissing Randomosity

The market rallied stronger on more signs the economy has turned around.   U.S. stocks rose on Wednesday as government data showed a rise in consumer spending and suggested that companies may start to rebuild inventories.

There are still those looking at the rear-view mirror, and noting the drop in the gross domestic product at a 6.1 percent annual rate in the first quarter.  You can't drive a car or trade stocks staring at the rear-view mirror.  The markets look forward and anticipate the future. 

I remain long and aware of seasonality in both the monthly and Summer timeframes. 


  • Swine Flu tip:  Wash hands frequently, and don't French kiss pigs.
  • I thought American Idol was pretty boring last night.  Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey are the clear front-runners.  I actually like Allison Iraheta and Kris Allen this year more than the front two.  But, I'd vote off Matt Giraud this week.  Never much of a fan.  Strong season, though.
  • Fed sees recession easing.  Funny, that's a group that usually stares into the rear-view mirror!
  • Chuck Wicks and partner Julianne Hough eliminated last night in Dancing with the Stars. 
  • One of the Spring rituals at my house?  Fixing broken sprinklers.
  • I find myself using both Tweetie and Lounge on my iPhone for Twittering.
  • Amazon buys iPhone book app Stanza.  I've been using both Stanza and Amazon's iPhone Kindle app.  Mostly, I'd rather read a physical book, though.