Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • After yesterday's 11%-plus gain in the market, today started off with another ramp to the upside. But that action quickly faded.   After some incredible percentage moves the past few weeks, to see the market within a percent or two of its open is a bit boring!
  • For the reason du jour, there are fears of earnings reports and also some profit taking setting in.  I was listening to Gary Kaltbaum's radio show (Investor's Edge) yesterday, and he congratulated the longs still in the market who made back a lot of their losses on yesterday's move.
  • Jason wonders if we'll see a 35-40% move in the NDX from bottom to top in this rally.
  • Simon Cowell makes $36 million per year on American Idol.  Paula Abdul makes $5-8 million.
  • A lot of fuss over Cheryl Burke's 5 lb. weight gain.  I mean, c'mon.