Friday, September 26, 2008

I Need a Beer

Been a little under the weather the past few. The head cold is making the rounds through the Fun Factory.

But I could use a beer.  It is Friday!  I think this is Haruka.

I don't know what's going on with the government bailout plan.  I heard Harry Reid use the opportunity this morning to praise Obama and blast McCain.  Not that I respect Harry Reid much to begin with, but what a little person he is.

Not to give McCain or Obama a pass on this. I'm getting really tired of their antics as well.

Is it too late to start a national campaign to write in Hillary Clinton on the ballot?

Anyways, I think all charts and indicators are useless here until there is resolution on the bailout.  Any short-term trading is just gambling on what the next news release will be.  With that in mind, I'm updating my portfolios.  I'm closing the NDX short (PSQ) in the long-short timing model and going to cash until this is resolved.  It had a nice ride.  In addition, I'm closing all positions in the Black Box Jr. model, too. 

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