Thursday, August 07, 2008

J-E-T-S Randomosity

  • You'd never know it from the pessimism, but Bob McTeer notes that the competitive greenback keeps the GDP positive.
  • More on Brett Favre from our favorite options trader Adam Warner, who now also slides into the back-up QB roll in Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers will be looking to Adam on the sideline with a clipboard, and Adam will be reading his Nails on the Numbers newsletter!  "Go DEEEEP, Aaron!"
  • All US adults could be fat in 40 years.  With global warming flooding dry land, they'll need to be in order to float.
  • Crude sign of the times from Contrahour.  Says $125-135 crude is where world growth hits a wall.  Also where Nancy Pelosi goes on vacation to "save the planet."
  • Brett Favre a Jet.  Seems wrong.  I feel like I want the Jets to win a lot of games, and the Packers to lose a lot of games.  But ask me again after the fantasy draft.
  • Our favorite neocon hottie, Michelle Malkin, notes that Nancy Pelosi's book "Know Your Failure" has sold 2,727 copies.  Very environmentally friendly; just think of all the paper saved not printing it. 
  • Does a book that nobody reads have any words in it?
  • Good stuff by Greg Mankiw on Obama's windfall oil profits tax.  "Energy is too important an issue in this campaign to let the policy wonks get their way. Both candidates' energy proposals seem to have been written by their political consultants rather than their economists."
  • Jeff Matthews has the least helpful call of the week... AIG!
  • I think the 20% of the US population who are not fat will be first generation immigrants.  Those who don't go to McDonalds, Starbucks, etc., and who live on rice and noodles.
  • I'm sure there's more, there always is.

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