Friday, June 27, 2008

TGIF Randomosity

  • March 10th closing low 1273. Today's closing low 1278.  Lets cling to the "retest" theory over the weekend.  
  • Well, if there's nothing better to cling on to, that is.  Say... Jessica Biel?
  • Amidst the gloom?  After-tax incomes and spending show big gains.  In otherwords, "It's the worst economy ever since the great depression, so thank goodness we have more money to spend."
  • Jason:  Bear market nearing an end.  Hope so, J.  Although, techincally, we're down about 18.2% from the October 2007 highs.  NOWHERE NEAR A BEAR MARKET!  But it does feel like one.  And we're all about feeeeeeelings, right?
  • Greg Mankiw:  Don't trust anyone who can't see into the future.
  • Barry Ritholtz notes that the VIX isn't showing any panic, yet.  Somebody look under the hood:  Check the VIX's panties for lumps.
  • "VIX's?"  That doesn't seem right, but in my brain grammer exists on the "other side of the tracks".  We're moving forward with no apologies. 
  • Say, how is that Members Top Picks contest going over at Kirk's?
  • From Ugly Chart, USC lab creates 3D holographic display.  Oooh, I can't wait until the porn industry gets a hold of this!  Woohoo!
  • Barrons says that housing may have hit a floor.  Hopefully, they don't mean "the seventh floor," because then there'd be more to go.
  • From Naked Shorts... Cox hardens for a big finish
  • TGIF!

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