Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mid-year Roundtable

  • Okay, I was looking for a picture of  the Round Table Pizza guys.  That quickly changed to girls, but then there were pictures of Eva Longoria with Domino's pizzas.  Since that isn't exactly "Round Table," I decided to compromise and just post a picture of Eva Longoria.
  • Anyways, the point being that this weekend is Barron's Mid-year Roundtable issue, and I'm all over it! 
  • Also, Eva Longoria is not pregnant, so I'm sleeping much better tonight knowing I'm not on the hook for that.  Phew!  Another close call, Muck!
  • The biggest breaking news this weekend?  Lenny Dykstra with the Cyrano de Suttmeier (h/t to Adam Warner).
  • (This entry has been sitting in draft mode for a few days... LOL.)
  • Congrats to the Celtics. 

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