Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lazy Tuesday Stuff

  • I guess we're all kind of waiting on the Fed, eh? It'll be interesting to see what they say about inflation this time.
  • Yet another down day in the market.  I think we're just retesting previous lows.  I'll run the Black Box tonight and see what it has to say.  It's been hit-and-miss lately.  Nothing outstanding.
  • From Yahoo Finance, A rebound in financial stocks helped partially offset some disappointment over weak consumer sentiment, falling home prices and an earnings warning from UPS.  
  • Oil prices are up 98% compared to one year ago! 
  • Consumer sentiment in the dumper.  Maybe because we're constantly told how bad it is out there.  Meanwhile, what blu-ray movies are you watching this week?  I don't mean to be flip, but I'm not seeing recession-like pain out there.  And you?
  • Hat tip to Greg Mankiw for the links.  Don't blame speculators for the high oil prices.
  • Obama opposes McCain's proposal for 45 new nuclear power plants.  I guess that makes me oppose Obama.  Energy is the #1 issue.
  • So other than oil prices, where is the inflation?  Wal-Mart has Banquet TV dinners for 86-cents here.  Subway has 12-inch sandwiches for $5. Okay, what did I say about being flip? Anyways. Not that pricey.
  • Bob McTeer:  Not a recession yet.
  • Barry Ritholtz:  Lets Get Technical.  Ah, the debate on the value of technical analysis.  I'm a believer.  But I'm also a believer in a non-cluttered work space.  Have you seen folks who draw charts with what seems like millions of indicators?
  • I watched "We are Marshall" the other day.  I liked it, but it was a bit long.  These kinds of movies that are based on true stories tend to have me hitting the internet afterwards, and looking up information and pictures.  What a story.

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