Tuesday, October 16, 2007

FBN: Business News and Hot Legs

  • I'm not sure what I think of the new Fox Business Network (ch. 359 on DirecTV). I've only seen 30 minutes from 6:30-7:00 Pacific.  It has that "sit around and chat" feel in that time slot.  Kind of like The View meets Squawk Box.  But if Alexis Glick is going to show thigh-high legs in the morning, I'll keep watching. Say, maybe I should've used a different ZZ Top song.  LOL.
  • (Sorry, couldn't find a decent picture of Alexis to put up.  I'll have to grab a screen cap tomorrow.  LOL).
  • So much for the win streak of "Monday during October options expriation week."  She had been up 6 straight and 22 of 26.  Add another to the loss column, and the downside continues today.  Kind of "contrary" to what we were expecting, no?  The market has had a nice run from the August lows.  Five weeks in a row of positive returns.  Stocks never move up in a straight line without some profit taking.
  • Oil up briefly over $88.  Turkey's threats to pursue Kurdish separatists in northern Iraq and declining U.S. inventories built convincing support under crude prices at the lofty levels.  Hmm, somebody should check to see if a Sith Lord is behind all of this.
  • I remain 100% long with beta.  Call me crazy!
  • Went to Reno this last weekend.  On fire with the sports bets, capped off with an easy Giants cover last night. 
  • Henry Paulson out saying that the housing remains the biggest concern in the economy.
  • "I lost a quarter-million dollars in value. I'm screwed."  Cantrell bought his home a year ago for $670,000 (not including the $90,000 he paid to install a pool and miniature golf course). The winning bidder Saturday of an identical home five doors down the street paid $391,000 - 38 percent less than what he paid.  And the beat goes on.   Rememeber the days of offers competing for your house?  With buyers offering more than the asking price and stumbling over each other trying to win bids?  Now, low-ball offers are the norm and everyone wants a bargain.

In Edit: Ultimate News Babes is all over the Fox Business News crew. Check out the link for Jenna Lee!

In Edit: Fantasy Football news... Miami wide receiver Chris Chambers traded to San Diego for 2008 2nd round draft pick. Now, Chris Chambers was no Fantasy stud. Last weekend against Cleveland, Cleo Lemon threw to him many times and Chambers didn't make much of an effort to get the ball. The announcer said that Lemon either needed to lay the ball up so Chambers could run under it, or the Dolphins needed a faster receiver. Looks like they're going with plan B. I just picked up Ted Ginn on a lark. Not going to start him, but if Cleo keeps throwing deep, maybe Ginn can actually make a grab that Chambers seemed uninterested in!

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