Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Volatile Malaise

  • The Summer's trading range isn't going down without a fight. The market sold off today, as we drift back down into the Summer's volatile malaise.  Now there's a word pair for you that might keep you up at night.  But doesn't it seem as if we've had extreme volatility, yet have been drifting back and forth from day today?  Sometimes, we've had the moves in the same day!
  • Nothing here changes my bullish views.  Pedal to the metal.  If one could figrue out the spikes from minute to minute and day to day, one could make a killing in this market.  But what I try to do is more intermediate term in nature.  So I'm not going to micromanage the volatile malaise.
  • As of late, the Fun Factory has been extremely hectic.  I think the tide may finaly be rolling out a bit.  It's been busy.  Meetings up the wazzoo.  Projects up the wazzoo.  Working with new folks.  Things that make one just too busy to take a break and check the Yahoo headlines from time to time.
  • I don't see a lot of bullishness on the chart of the equity-only put call ratio.  You?
  • Apple cuts the price of the iPhone.  Kind of interesting.   Either because of slackening demand at the price point, or an attempt to gather more market share.  Maybe some of both.  I figure after the initial hype, maybe folks realized that it wasn't a life-changing experience.  Many devices do similar things.  But it is cool and at a lower price, more folks will bite.  I think Apple will also face some stiff competiition on their TV-thing from Sony as time goes on.
  • I kind of like the Miami Dolphins at Washington Redskins this weekend.  Straight up.  Why?  Miami's defense has been tough, and they added a bit this year with Joey Porter.  So I figure even a modest improvement in offense could be a big turnaround in wins and losses.  This is a battle of two weak 2006 teams.  Even on the road in Washington, I think the Dolphins are going to win this one. 
  • Sports odds here!
  • The role of financial blogs at A Dash of Insight.  Good one, Jeff.
  • Central Control vs. Free Markets looks at the economies of North Korea vs. South Korea.  From SCSUScholars.
  • So what's the deal?  Is Antarctica warming, cooling, or both?

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