Saturday, July 21, 2007


Ah, the Bay City Rollers (not pictured). 

I enabled the voicemail recorder widget in the upper righthand corner of the blog.  Click on the "Muckdog - Hello!" message to listen to my message.  If you'd like to leave a voice message, just click the "Leave me a message" button on the recorder.  You'll need a microphone.  Remember to say who you are and leave your blog or website URL.  Market thoughts.  Testimonials.  Etc... 

The SP500 was down 1.2% for the week, and the headlines are blaming "subprime woes."  On thursday, the market hit all-time highs.  Were subprimes not a concern on Thursday?  This always seems a bit silly to me.   We're always searching for a news blurb to explain what has happened in retrospect.  How about "Market rallies to new highs, investors book profits after Google's and Cat's earnings misses and go camping for the weekend.

Me?  Broken record.  I think we're going to have a summer correction this year, and I'm positioned accordingly.

The Fly with a weekend update for all you f'tards.  LOL.

From Controlled Greed, Is the hybrid craze just a fad?  Interesting to note that while the Prius is popular, many other hybrids aren't selling well.  And Honda is discontinuing the Accord hybrid.  Gas prices, shmass prices.

Calgirlfinance wonders if she and her husband should ratchet down their 401(k) savings in order to buy a house.  Go leave her your thoughts.  My thoughts are yes, save and get the house.  Life is not a dress rehearsal and you have to live your life along the way.  Of course, I wouldn't buy "the biggest house you can afford" and struggle financially.  Buy what you can afford that leaves some extra cash each month so that you can save and do other things. 

Larry Kudlow writes about what a pullout from Iraq might mean to the market.

Paul Kedrosky looks at retail investors.

Gotta  hop.  Barbecue.  Time to break out the George Foreman.  Today's menu consists of traditional summer fare.  Burgers and dogs for the carnivores, and veggie burgers for the herbivores.  Have a great weekend!

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