Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Joey Harrington Era (Atlanta version)

  • The Joey Harrington eras come and go faster than B-rated movies at the box office. The Joey Harrington matinee opens in Atlanta. Thanks to Adam Warner for the man-on-the-sidelines coverage.
  • Fantasy Football strategy with Joey in Hotlanta? Opposing defenses will get more interceptions. (Muckdog shows up at the fantasy draft and asks, "Screw the tight end. Can I have more than one starting defense in my line-up?")
  • Sports book strategy with Joey in Hotlanta? The Falcons won't score many points. But don't bet against Joey when the Falcons are playing Detroit or Miami. He gets fired up for revenge matches. Last year playing for the Dolphins, he threw 3 touchdowns in the Thanksgiving Day game in Detroit.
  • That's it.  An entire blog entry devoted to one of the greatest quarterbacks ever to play the game.  History is still trying to decide just exactly, "What game?"

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