Monday, June 11, 2007

Randoms (and Riyo Mori!)

  • Japanese Miss Universe, Riyo Mori was sure she was going to win Miss Universe. 
  • Kiplinger's has a column up called "21 stocks to make you rich."  My thoughts?  I ignore those kinds of articles.  First, you never know the motive of the folks recommending the stocks.  Do they own them?  Have the stocks been on a run?  And 21 stocks is a big number.  Heck, why not 500 stocks to make you rich, and dollar-cost average into the SP500 for a life time?  That ought to work, too.  I suppose folks are looking for a quick fix, but I doubt that these kinds of articles will work magic.
  • At These Levels links to a video on the bond move...
  • Big Ben is staying long the agricultural stocks.  Alternative fuels are the craze right now. I wonder if the energy put into creating alternative fuels is actually creating more greenhouse gasses than if we just burned fossil fuels?  Eh, don't ask questions, Muck.
  • Bob Barker's swan song and other randoms from Adam.
  • A few posts ago I mentioned Israel as an emerging market with a link to the First Israeli fund (ISL).  Some more on it from Howard, including the link to the WallStrip video.
  • 30 teams, only one Daunte Culpepperer.  LOL.
  • Two arrested for harrassing dolphin.  And this IS NOT another link to a Daunte Culpepper story!
  • Normally, when I mention a woman like Riyo Mori I'd throw in something to get search engine hits such as nude, naked, topless, panties, miss universe, miss japan, smoking, stripping, and cheerleader.  But I'm not going to do that this time.

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