Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Randoms (and Maria Sharapova!)

  • There is one disadvantage when playing Nintendo Wii tennis compared to out on the courts. And try as I might, I can't create a Mii that looks anything like Maria Sharapova.
  • Market selling off two days in a row? According to CBS MarketwatchU.S. stocks fell sharply Wednesday, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average losing over 150 points, as news that unit labor costs jumped in the first quarter fueled concerns over inflation, interest rates and rising bond yields, further sapping enthusiasm in the market.  Yeah, I think they're wrong about inflation so we'll see how that plays out.
  • Eliminating my QID hedge with a 9% loss.  Uh oh, probably wrong time to do this, right?  Ahead of the seasonally weak period?  Yeah, I know.  Just raising some cash here in case this is Weird Wacky Wednesday ahead of options expiration week.  Nothing scientific here, but I've noticed that if the week before options is weak and we see a big selloff on wednesday, then it sometimes sets up a rally for options week.   I'm still holding conservative positions and not looking to do much this summer. 
  • I'm still updating "the black box" weekly to spot market buy and sell signals, but it's been pretty quiet lately.  It best spots double tops or bottoms.  We've been trending mostly up so there's been no double anything.
  • The Miami Dolphins signs a veteran QB to shore up their ailing offense, and Sports Illustrated predicts they'll go to the Super Bowl!  Oh wait, that was last year.  But the Dolphins did trade for veteran QB Trent Green today.  Sorry, Daunte.  I guess you'll have to go play somewhere else...
  • Adam on the stock everyone loves, The Google.  Yeah, agree.  Hasn't done much trend wise...
  • Apple profits look thin on Apple TV.  According to an iSuppli teardown analysis, the bill of materials for the box costs Apple about $237. The box sells for $299 at retail. That’s a gross margin of 20.7% - but since that number does not include additional costs like cables, packaging and marketing, the real profits are smaller still.  And as I blogged about recently, wouldn't you rather have a Nintendo Wii that can do mostly the same thing (for cheaper)?
  • Do you use Google Reader, Bloglines, or other?  Thoughts?  I've been a bloglines user, but have recently exported my subscriptions and am trying google reader.  Just for funsies.
  • Also added a new widget, "Snap shots."  When you move your mouse over a link, it should respond with a pop-up preview of the website being linked to.  Not sure if this is cool or an annoyance, so let me know...
  • Ooops, getting search engine sloppy... Maria Sharapova (nude, naked, topless, snorkeling, smoking, dancing, stripping, tennis, underwear).

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