Saturday, June 23, 2007

Las Vegas: Swimming with the sharks

The pool... I am at the Golden Nugget in old Las Vegas. They have the
nice pool with the shark tank. Not James 'rev shark' Deporre, but
real sharks. I meet this guy from Missouri who tells me he is getting
married tonight. So I hang out with the clan of 40 in the party.
There are buckets of beer poolside, and a few trips down the water
slide that goes through the shark tank.

He says he works as a salesman for a beer company. And if he is ever
caught drinking a beer other than the company beer, he would be fired
on the spot. Needless to say, he was throwing caution to the wind and
sucking down beers from a competing company.

Everyone plays the rebel in their own way.

So a few buckets of beers... My buds show. We are losing with the
Tarheels in the college world series... A buffet at the Golden
Nugget... Time to hit the streets.


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