Tuesday, June 12, 2007

America's Got Talent

  • America's Got Talent is the new Gong Show. I had never watched it until last night.  Not quite as goofy as the Gong Show, as it at least pretends to take itself more seriously. 
  • And today's contestant is...  Texas Instruments!  Looks like the panel has quickly pressed their red "X" buttons on TXN.  Piers Morgan says, "Extremely pathetic loser."  The Hoff Man says, "Can't sing or dance, but keep on trying and come back next year."  Sharon Osborne notes the "disappointing guidance" from TXN going forward that seems to be affecting the entire tech sector today.  She then tears off her fake eyelashes and struts off backstage, swearing "I'm done with this!"
  • Don't we usually notice some sort of tech slowdown over the summer months?  I recall (ahem) Jim Cramer saying one time that you don't want to own tech stocks over the summer.  Maybe he's right on that one.  At least that's the way it looks so far this year, Jimmy.
  • Jerry Springer has a blog at the America's Got Talent webpage.

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