Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Season-Ending Double Play

  • Both 24 and Heroes had their finale last night, and I decided to watch Heroes and record 24.   So, don't spoil it for me.  I think the terrorists are going to win, and everyone in CTU dies.  I know there's all this talk about 2 more seasons and cast members getting contracts, but until I see the finale, I think it's all a smoke screen. 
  • How frustrating is the watch for a new closing high on the SP500?  We need to close at 1528.  Of course, THEN WHAT?  It's just a number, folks.  I think a correction is coming, but I think most do and that's why the market grinds higher (to fool the most).  I'm also hearing folks say that they're long but will exit on any sign of trouble.  I wonder how that works in practice?  Think about it.  If the market pulls back 5%, then many folks stay in because it's not that much and expect it to rebound.  Then the 5% loss turns into a 10% loss and folks hold out until it recovers some, to sell on a bounce or strength.  Then the 10% becomes a 15% or 20% loss, and that exit strategy didn't hold water.  It's all so emotional...
  • 100,000 barrels of oil a day offline at Prudhoe Bay.  Just in time for your summer driving pleasure.  CNBC's Mark Haines this morning talking about the pain of filling up his 42-gallon Suburban, or whatever monster thing he's driving.  Get a Prius, Markie Mark.  It's hip to own a green machine.
  • Heroes ending was a bit weak, me thinks.  Sylar killed with a quick jab from Hiro.  Just a couple of weeks ago, Sylar grabbed the sword and broke it.  What happened this time?  Anyways, it was still a good show and set up for the next season with a little preview of Chapter Two and the "tracking device" saying that there is somebody worse than Sylar.
  • Realizing that the threat of global warming, being 20 feet under water, having severe hurricanes, drought and famine isn't fazing people, the UN is out there with with something that may strike terror in the hearts of millions:  Climate change to spur allergies.  "Who cares about oceans rising 20 feet?  How can one sleep if one has a stuffy nose?"
  • Viagra said to help jet-lagged travelers.   How was this study done?  "Hey, sure seems like those fellas over there taking the pill and getting laid are doing better then the other guys who aren't."  OK, the study was really done with Hamsters.  Happy hamsters.  Wooot.  You wouldn't want to be the hamster in the study group receiving the placebo, though.
  • I wonder how one signs up for a Viagra study?  "So, you give me a suitcase of Viagra, I fly to Thailand for a month, and keep a daily journal?"
  • I also caught some of the Dancing With the Stars finale, although that technically also goes into tonight.  I don't think the finalists this year are as good as in previous years, but I suppose I'd have to give the technical edge to Apolo.  Maybe Joey will get more fan votes.  Hard to say.  And for those of you looking for Carrie Ann Inaba nude, and you know who you are, see the vid on yesterday's entry.
  • Tonight, everyone will be watching American Idol.  Prediction:  Jordin.

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