Monday, May 21, 2007

Randoms (and Carrie Ann Inaba Again!)

  • The search results are in, and Carrie Ann Inaba nude wins the day. Unfortunately, I have no nude shots.  But this sexy YouTube vid is a nice highlight reel and leaves some to the imagination.
  • How to Become Rich from Greg Mankiw.  Pretty short how-to guide, Greg.  But right on.  Two words:  Self control.  I suppose that's the lesson learned from a larger text, The Millionaire Next Door.
  • Adam's Randoms are a 2-hr special today.
  • Peak Oil from Econobrowser.  An interesting side note here is the comments from former presidents back to Nixon about how the US should (and will be) off of foreign crude by some date in the future.  (Oh, and that never happened...)
  • The Hottest Billionaire Heiresses.  Ooh la la.  Hat tip to Crossing Wall Street.
  • Erin Burnett!  Put that SP500 1528 (on a closing basis) party hat away, and put your top back on.  No party tonight.
  • Aha, the Fly on Wall Street has a time machine that helps him have a return year-to-date of 28%.   Room for two in that, Fly?
  • Counter trend rally in the dollar?  See Barry Ritholtz' Dollar Rebound?
  • The whales are circling around Rio Vista.  I was reading that they eat 1.5 tons of krill a day.  Must be some pretty good stuff.  I kind of do that with potato chips.
  • Visit Madd Money for Cramer's three billion stock mentions today. 
  • Interesting thoughts from The Day Shark in SELL MORTIMER SELLWe had the second run into the 1,527 level on the SPX and it was tagged and sold and tomorrow just may bring Turnaround Tuesday.

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