Monday, May 14, 2007

Mo Mo Selling (and Hooters!)


  • So for lunch today... (pictured).
  • A little bit of selling here in the Nasdaq in DAY ONE of options expiration week.  I sold down a few more MO MOs from the portfolio and raising some more cash.  Of course, the DOW was up as always.
  • I read that the SP500 has been up for six weeks in a row.  The first time since 1904.  Anyone want to bet on seven weeks in a row?  Anyone?
  • Who else had some fun with the new Ameritrade website today?  Anyone?
  • So President Bush directed his cabinet to complete action by the end of 2008 on his plan to cut U.S. gasoline use by 20 percent by 2017.  Hmm, not sure a plan of "Everyone buy a Toyota hybrid" will go over well in Detroit.
  • "Donald Trump, you're fired!"  Well, almostThe future of his NBC series "The Apprentice" was cast into extreme doubt on Monday by the network's announcement of a 2007-08 programming lineup that made no mention of Trump or the corporate-themed reality show he hosts.  I always watch, but do feel the show has run its course.
  • David says buy the dips until proven wrong and believes we're on our way to retest the previous SP500 highs.
  • More later. Maybe.  Another Wii tennis smackdown tonight. 

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