Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Immaculate Conception II

  • The Immaculate Conception II! Female shark reproduces without sex!  Sequels are normally not as good as the original, except maybe for Aliens. 
  • I was just about to type that the SP500 looked like it was finaly going to do it, and CNBC could move on with their fixation on a "new closing high."  I've about had it with that, to be honest.  Plus that "xx points above record" header up top.  But it looks like somebody just pressed the sell button and the market has reversed course.  She looks a little flat chested right here.
  • I thought it was ridiculous when a talking head tries to summarize the day's market move by relating it to the day's top headline.  Have you checked out google finance?   There is a news event that drives every tick!
  • Weight lifting reverses aging.  This is a Google list of articles today on the benefits of strength training.  Pick and choose a few.  Mostly the same stuff, but some good comments here and there from folks. 
  • Jordin should win American Idol.  I thought the new song clearly favored Jordin's style over Blake's.  The girl can really sing.
  • Dancing with the Stars.  Yeah, Apolo.
  • US House approves stiff penalties for gasoline price gouging.  The first penalites should go to the states who are taxing the crud for each gallon of fuel.  Isn't that "sticking it" to the consumer?
  • The Portland Trailblazers have the first pick in the NBA draft.  Greg Oden?  They wouldn't pull a sequel on that draft where they passed on Michael Jordan and drafted Sam Bowie, right?

In Edit: And Mary Cheney gave birth, too. I'm don't know if sex was involved. Just saying.

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