Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The View

  • Am I guilty of underestimating this bull run?  Absolutely.  Am I going to chase it?  Absolutely not. 
  • In the CNBC contest I bailed on my ASFI friday, and did you see that stock today?  Holy smokes.
  • I went to a funeral today, and was out of action for most of the day.  I did sell a mo-mo stock as it was up over 10% for the day at the time of the sale; but, it was up over 20% by the close.  Go figure!
  • I'm about ready to sell everything and just go fishing until we get some volatility.
  • I tried watching Dancing with the Stars, and was bored to tears. Except for... Carrie Ann Inaba.  You know that was coming, right?  Well, I think what's bringing me down is the lack of a sports hero.  Drexler just isn't Rice or Smith.  He's horrible.  Can't rally for Ono.  And while Cheryl Burke is great, she's with a dweeb.  LOL.  But... Carrie Ann...
  • Recorded 24 tonight.  You know, that show is amazing.  So improbable and unbelieveable.  Yet, I'm hooked!!!
  • OK, it's late. Long day.

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