Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Save the Paper, Save the World

  • Save the paper, save the world. Sheryl Crow has the magic button on how to solve global warming. If all we did was use one square of toilet tissue “per sitting,” we could save the planet.  Uh, well.  Cue the laugh track.  I mean if this is the serious answer on how to stop a serious problem, then is the problem really that serious? 
  • The bulls remain in control.  As they have been since the late February hiccup.  And longer term since the lows last summer.  It's been a great run.  The question is whether or not one wants to chase it?  I added a small mo-mo today, but not a large position and with a short leash.  My fear is that what happened in late February where 3 months worth of gains are wiped out in 2-3 days is going to happen again.  Just thinking to myself.  I think the Cramer vision of 14,000 DOW is not his alone.  Hype is building. 
  • Swing and a miss!  Holy smokes, my first CNBC earnings gamble is tanking afterhours as RFMD is being taken out to the woodshed.  Hey, that's why I don't trade in front of earnings with real money!  No doubt I will be losing my top 20% ranking in the CNBC contest tomorrow.  I have Apple tomorrow, and might dump my RFMD loser and double down on AAPL.
  • I should've went with AMZN, which is roaring afterhours.  But heck I don't even use them anymore because kids are swiping UPS deliveries from porches in my hood.   Of course, that seems to have been priced in.  LOL.
  • One square of toilet paper per sitting? 
  • Should the Raiders draft Calvin Johnson or a QB? 
  • Maybe the sell signal heard around the world will be when a major financial publication lists that pension funds are back in control of their obligations.  Just being snarky.

In Edit at 8:43pm: Next time your in the bathroom, try tearing away "just one square" from the roll. See if you can do it without deviating from the perforation.

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