Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Refusing to Participate

  • Well, the Los Angeles Lakers are refusing to participate in their series with the Phoenix Suns. Last night the Suns drubbed LA by almost 30 points.  Sorry, Laker Girl Lisa.  I'm afraid that no amount of cheering and high-kicks will help.  Kobe's a great player, but Phoenix has a great player and many very good ones.  
  • In that light, while the market is advancing yet again today, there seem to be fewer and fewer stocks making new highs even as the indexes push higher.  At some point, that will matter.   But quite a rally going on and CNBC is really cheering DOW 13,000.  There does seem to be some euphoria gripping Wall Street and anyone who is short might be scrambling to duck and cover at this point.  Shorting has been extremely painful.  Picking tops has been a losers game.
  • I did watch the finale of the Pussycat Dolls show last night.  The top three finalists were all pretty capable of filling that role.  I was wondering why they weren't on American Idol?  Asia was the worst singer, so maybe Melissa or Chelsea will show up somewhere else.
  • Missed American Idol.  Sanjaya is gone.  The "entertainment" factor has left the building.  Now all who are left are good singers.   And it's just a matter of time before the bald guy is eliminated and the other white guy with short hair.
  • Oh, selling the big earnings loser RFMD and buying USNA today for the CNBC stock market gamblilng contest. USNA has earnings tonight along with my other CNBC holding, AAPL. Again, I don't own any real shares with real money. And rarely play earnings, as that is usually a recipe for disaster. Like RFMD last night!!!

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