Tuesday, April 03, 2007


  • Golf only goes so far! Seems like some are bored in retirement.  Maybe they don't need any retirement planning?  I know some folks who have retired and went back to work after a few months.  Just for something to do.  But I think the reality is that many folks won't have the option to retire in the first place.
  • I hope you're sitting down, because the reason du jour for the stock rally today is "Stocks rise as Wall Street rallies on home sales data."  Stronger than expected.  But what about those 50 million blogs out there saying that the real estate crash is going to create a recession, depression, and kill stocks?  Not today's business, I guess.
  • Some guru on Bloomberg radio was saying that today's rally was due to traders wanting to be flat before the weekend, and getting out of their shorts before the volume dried up this weekend.
  • Great Expectations from Adam on sentiment.  So many think we haven't seen an intermediate low yet.  I guess I'm in that camp.  At least as far as time frames go.  But maybe I'm wrong.  It's a good read.
  • A downgrade on Google?
  • From PK, the list of top cities for quality of life.
  • Jason wonders if the 2nd Quarter will be the End of the Bull.

OK, going home on time for once.

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