Sunday, April 22, 2007

Randoms (and Lauren)

  • In an earlier blog entry, Joz commented that she thought Lauren was more attractive than Mylinda.  And Lauren was ranked #2 right behind Mylinda Tov as the most attractive suitcase model on Deal or No Deal.   So here is a picture of Lauren Shiohama, and a link to her other pictures at the DoND site.  You be the judge! 
  • I'd have to ask my Friend Ross, but how would Lauren's teeth look in black light?
  • Well if I was looking at my stock market playbook, I would say that if we've had a strong market during opions expiration week, then we'd be looking at some weakness in the following week.  And that's where we are.  So I do expect some sort of profit taking this week.   But the playbook has been broken as of late as the market just wants to go up no matter what.
  • Barry Rithholtz notes the falling volume in the market as the stock market rises.  Hmm, that's not usually a good thing.  And I do agree with BR as he notes, "Even worse than low volume is the increasing volume during selloffs, and decreasing volume during rallies. This suggests to me that we are now transitioning from a period of accumulation (institutional buying) to a period of distribution (broader selling)."  Add that brick to the wall of worry. 
  • From Mark Hulbert, how to tell when good news really isn't.
  • Marginal Revolution on Rich, handsome men.  How does status play into facial attractiveness?
  • Money Musings notes from Money Mag that in a poll, 49% of folks have no emergency fund.  YIKES!  It doesn't matter until it does. 
  • Pension Watch on those pension troubles heading our way.  Take a look at some of the problems in Hawaii and New Jersey.  With the market rallying the past 4 years and being at all-time highs, some have forgotten about pontential issues facing pensions.  And what if a real correction does come again?
  • Sy Harding reminds us of the market's seasonality.  Will this be another year to sell in May and go away? 

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