Monday, April 23, 2007

Random Kind of Thing

  • Stefani wins The Apprentice! She seemed like the logical choice.  James had lots of charisma and "can do" attitude, but Stefani seemed like the front runner for the past few weeks.
  • My coworker is from another country, and likes to add the words "kind of thing" to most of his sentences.  For example, "I just printed it kind of thing."  And, "I sent you an email.  It has the attachments kind of thing."  Seriously.  And I let it go for the past 2 years, not really thinking much about it.  But he just gave a presentation, and now that phrase is stuck in my head kind of thing.
  • Anyways, today could be counted as a consolidation day of sorts in the markets.  Not much of anything going on and since this is the post-options week, a good sign for the bulls.  As I linked to yesterday, this may be the year seasonality matters.  From reading around the web, I think bullishness is rampant but that can go on for quite awhile.  There are probably many folks like myself who find themselves a little underinvested on this ride up.  But I'm not one to chase it.  There will be corrections in the future, and that is where I will reallocate.  Of course, who knows from what level kind of thing.
  • TXN noice after the bell, though.  Up over 9% afterhours.  Interesting comments up on semiconductors at the WSJ blog.   It could be time to buy semiconductor stocks – and the rest of the market, says Tobias Lefkovich of Citigroup Global Markets. The Semiconductor Equipment & Materials International group said Thursday that three-month, rolling average chip-equipment orders were up just 2% year-over-year, which to Citi is very close to a “buy” signal for those stocks. “Moreover, the chip stocks have often been a lead indicator for the rest of the tech stocks and the general market,” he writes. “As a result, the recent order trends are a meaningful piece of news for many skeptical investors, in our opinion.”
  • Who cares about the race between Stefani and James?  How about the race between Obama and Hillary?  Obama pulls even in the polls!
  • Golden State Warriors beat the Dallas Mavericks last night.  It's only one game in the best-of series, but am I the only one pulling for Mark Cuban to lose?  He didn't look happy last night and the Warriors seem to have the Mavs' number.  Eh, just one game.  So far.  Hey, just noticed Howard on the same topic.  Rightio.
  • Are you following the Jim Cramer audit blog.  Hello, underperformance.  Er, Booyah!  Hat tip to The Shark Report.
  • Adam's Randoms includes Shakespeare, Sheryl Crow, and the NY Yankees.  Hey, the Yanks are sure spending a ton of cash to underperform a coin flip.  Kind of thing.
  • It's Sarkozy vs. Royal in French Election.  Lets see, if I'm following this correctly kind of thing, and I may not be, then Sarkozy is the conservative and Royal is the Socialist.

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