Saturday, April 28, 2007


Miami Dolphins admit typo with #9 selection.

"I had some mustard on my finger from a hot dog when I was typing up the draft pick," admitted Dolphins coach Cam Cameron. Adding, "You know, I wanted to type in Quinn but hit the G and we ended up picking Ginn. It's not the worst typo in the world. I mean, it's not like I typed in 'Jamar Fletcher' or something."

(Jamar Fletcher being the Fish' draft pick ahead of Drew Brees a few years back).

I don't get why they passed on Quinn, other than they have a whole bunch of needs and maybe are looking at somebody in round 2 that they think will make a good NFL QB. Ginn is a nice WR, but there is outrage out there in Dolphins fan-dom. Hey if they land Beck or Edwards or Kolb or Stanton, and they end up being a quality starter hooking up with Ginn year after year in the end zone, all will be forgiven....

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