Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Cramer Predicts BIG Summer Rally!

  • Oh this morning's Squawk, Jim Cramer boldly predicted that we were going to have a big summer rally and DOW 14,000 is going down. He said that we have to go through 13,000 to get to 14,000!  Yeah.  Well.  It's Cramer.
  • Selling all my RAD and BRCD in the CNBC contest.  Adding RFMD and AAPL.   RFMD has earnings today.  Apple has earnings tomorrow.  Normally I wouldn't play earnings and I don't own any shares in the real world, but I'm just swinging for the fences on earnings reports.  This is desperation time.  I'm in the top 20% of the contest, and what's the point.  How I manage my real portfolio won't cut it here in the CNBC world.  And they won't let me buy the smaller stocks I normally flip.  So, why not?   I will sell RFMD tomorrow and buy something that reports earnings tomorrow night.  I will sell APPL thursday and buy something that reports earnings on thursday.  ETC...
  • Heroes was back last night.  Is it just me or are these long hiatuses just killing shows?  I was able to get back into it, but it was too long of a break.  C'mon. 

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