Thursday, April 05, 2007

CNBC Stock Contest Thoughts

CNBC stock contest thoughts!

  • Stocks that show up on my scans are mostly not allowed in the CNBC contest for whatever exclusionary reasons.  In addition... No ETFs.  Can't short or by negatively correlated ETFs.  YEESH!  OK, so I can't bring my real world methodology to the contest.  Sold all my large caps yesterday leaving me only with VRGY.  Adding KOMG at the close today.  It's a "pending" order and after the close I'll be at 40% long with those two, and 60% cash.  Currently at rank 152304 (Top 29%).
  • My thoughts were to unload before the weekend and raise cash.  If we see some weakness early next week, I'll add some names for a potential options expiration week run.  If we don't see any weakness, then I'll just chase whatever eligible stocks that are hitting my scans.  I'm thinking the market is a bit extended, though.  Consolidation ahead of options expiration would make some sense.  Although no way to play that at CNBC's contest. 
  • The "Trading With the Stars" celebrity traders list sees Willie Garson at the top of the pile.  (Where's Carrie Ann Inaba?)
  • There is also a blog that follows the Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge.  Mark Koba writes about Willie's ascension to the top of the celebrity pile, "Wow--a big move and an exciting day for the celebrities in "Trading With The Stars." In a big upset--really big--actor Willie Garson propels himself from last place to take the top spot on a HUGE gain with his trade on Robbins & Myers. All our celebs showed gains in their portfolio except for Ernie Hudson who lost out on AgioDynamics which he held a day too long, erasing his earlier gains and dropping him into last place."
  • (Can't bet the Come in this contest, Ernie.)
  • I go to add the blog to my RSS reader (bloglines), and there is only one other subscriber.  Maybe it's Carrie Ann.

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