Wednesday, April 11, 2007

American Idol

  • American Idol watch... It was a very boring night, other than watching JLo. I thought the songs and performances were lackluster. 
  • When Haley Scarnato shows those long legs and shakes her boobs, I can't text my vote in fast enough.  Simon is right on her strategy of wearing as little as possible.  Works for me.
  • Sanjaya Malakar had his best performance of the contest.  Not the most entertaining.   Believe me, it's more fun to see him prance around with a whacked-out hair style and sing horribly.  But he actually sang well.  And maybe the eye play with the camera was a bit creepy.  But I doubt he gets voted off this week.  And aren't a lot of folks turning to see what the heck Sanjaya is going to do?
  • Melinda... Lakisha... and the rest.  Eh, boring.
  • Oh, thank goodness on Dancing with the Stars, Leeza Gibbons was voted off the island.  I couldn't take her talking anymore. 

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