Tuesday, March 13, 2007


  • Yo, Adriane! Rocky Balboa on human growth hormone?
  • The market could use some growth hormones today.  Options week volatility or a resumption of the downtrend that started a few weeks ago?  It could be either, but my thoughts on the intermediate timeframe are that we have some more down to go before this correction is played out.  I don't think it's a bear market, but I do believe folks will be worrying about one when the correction is over.  Of course, my crystal ball may not be better than anyone else's.
  • Thoughts on the economy in general....  I think the economy is soft but growing.  The government is spending money like crazy.  Interest rates are a little too high for the current environment but not high enough to kill the economy.  Increasing fuel prices are once again acting like a tax on folks and taking some discretionary money out of the economy and sending it to OPEC.  Mortgages are adjusting and those who have risky loans are seeing their payments go higher.  The unemployment rate is low.  Housing is a problem but not that bigMoney is being spent out there. 
  • Just getting back from lunch and seeing the flush on the market.   Check out the volumen in the QQQQ (ouch!):
  • Volume:


    Avg Vol (3m):


  • On 24 last night... Those of you who had "Martha Logan in the family room with the cutting knife" win the office pool.  Uh, I was tired of the Martha story line last year.  Didn't like to see round two.  But stabbing "Mr. Logan" was an easy call as she walked behind him with the cutting knife, eh?  I thought it was kind of odd that she was serving kiwi in such a mental state anyways. 
  • I wonder how the writing team came up with that idea?  "Lets have Martha stab Charles.  But, we need a situation where she has a knife.  So how about we have that ex-security guy - hey he is available, right?  Lets get him before he's on Amazing Race or Dancing with the Stars.  Anyways, he can go to the farmers market and get some fruit during the nuclear fall-out.  Then she'll cut it up and serve it, and will have the knife.  Perfect." 
  • In the "compounding your losses" department, Google (GOOG) being sued by Viacom.  Viacom said in a complaint filed in U.S. District Court in New York that Google's YouTube site has infringed on some 160,000 entertainment clips, and it is seeking some $1 billion in damages. Google paid $1.65 billion in stock for the wildly popular YouTube site in November.   Mark Cuban nailed this one I think.
  • More on the market?  Maybe everyone just wanted to clear the deck ahead of March Madness so they can sit in their office and watch the games on their cell phones.
  • More good news on exercising, as this study says young adults who exercise help prevent high blood pressure later in life.
  • Dad stashes stash in 6-yr old daughter's pocket.  Gee, thanks dad.

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