Thursday, March 29, 2007

Up. Down. Up. Flat.

  • If one looked only at the market close today, one might think "nothing happened."  But we had a ramp up, a ramp down, and then buying at the close.  Saucy.  I think the battle between the bears and the bulls is as confusing as ever.  Month end and quarter end stuff is in play, too.
  • I remain patient.  I've been contemplating a month end trade, but haven't pulled the trigger.  Still the same core holdings with low beta stuff, some QID, some cash, and some little mo-mo stocks that have been holding their own.
  • The CNBC challenge?  Rank 204,768 and in the top 44%, baby.  LOL.  My plan is to ditch most of my holdings on the 3rd or 4th trading day next week, and switch into some defensive names.  I'm not sure what, though.  Eh, it's not real money.  Thank goodness, cuz AMGN is hurting me a bit. 
  • Yeah, Sanjaya stays.  I find myself pulling for the guy to keep on going.  At least it's entertaining in an "ohmygod" sort of way.
  • I've been stressed at work and ready for a change.  Maybe. 
  • I know.  No links in this one.  Almost a first.

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