Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday Morning


  • It's selection sunday!  Time to get your March Madness pools ready!
  • I think Gwen Stefani is making another release with No Doubt, FWIW. 
  • I joined the CNBC stock market challenge, but I keep forgetting to make a trade.  I guess I'll go there and pick some $3 stock and hope it works out.  It's not real money, so might as well swing for the fences.
  • Damn.  Trading Goddess is already in the top 39% at the CNBC challenge.
  • Fly on Wall Street with some MACD and ATR for ya.  "Low risk entries."
  • You did set your clock ahead, right?  Right?  All of them?
  • The Inaugural Kurt Bevacqua Weekly Award from Ankle Biting Pundits.  Wow, can't remember the last time I heard THAT name!
  • Mark Hulbert reminds us of the 7th Anniversary of the popping of the internet bubble.  It was on March 10, 2000, that the Nasdaq Composite index closed at its all-time high of 5,048.62. By the time all the air in the Internet bubble had been let out, some 2-1/2 years later on Oct.9, 2002, that benchmark stood at 1,114.11 some 78% lower than where it stood at the top.
  • Is the population of polar bears increasing or decreasing?  Other thoughts on global warming from All Things Conservative.
  • Larry says the WSJ got it wrong again. 
  • Barry has a March Fest of weekend links...  Good stuff.
  • American Idol to air a 2-night charity benefitOn April 24, the show's sponsors will donate an unidentified amount of money for every vote cast for the top six contestants, while on April 25, the show will air what amounts to a benefit concert featuring Gwen Stefani, Pink, Josh Groban, Josh Groban, Michael Buble, and Annie Lennox. Also making appearances will be Bono and Borat.
  • Haven't had to work this weekend, as I think we're ready to go.  It's been stressful at work and I actually spent part of yesterday doing online job searches.  I like being overwhelmingly busy, but not when it comes with stress.  Sparing you the details, but I will say that there is more to life than dealing with knuckleheads.
  • It's close to 80 degrees this weekend in Sacramento.  Spent some time cycling and outdoors.  Cycling legs coming back, and with the time change under our belts that'll only improve because I can get out during weeknights.  Also watched the movie "Munich" which I thought was very good.  One of those movies that after you watch it, you hop on Wiki and read up on the Munich massacre.
  • Trading thoughts heading into this week...  Uh... It's options week.  The playbook says that options expiration week tends to be strong if the prior week was weak.  There are a few thoughts out there.  One is that we're wedging up on light volume, setting up the next leg down of this "correction in a bull market" or bear market.  Another is that everything that happened two weeks ago due to China and Greenspan was a "misunderstanding" and we're heading back higher.  Another is that the bottom of this correction is in, and that we'll eventually head back down and "retest the lows" which would be the buying point.
  • Just something to think about...  Don't let it ruin your picks for the March Madness brackets!

In Edit: LOL, I'm repeating myself! I included the Hulbert link yesterday! I'm leaving it in, because I think it's okay to laugh at yourself. And sometimes, I AM THE KNUCKLEHEAD!!!

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