Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sold My Cell Phone Soul (Again)

  • There's a new phone in town! Sold my cell phone soul for another two years!  I had a 2-year deal with Sprint on my Treo 650 that ran out yesterday.  Ready for something new, I shunned the customer retention police and jumped to Cingular/ATT's 8525.  It's a PDA phone! 
  • Not to complain about Sprint.  They're service was great.  The Treo 650 was nice.  I had slow connection speeds, so it was just time to go broadband.  The 8525 is almost like having a laptop with you.  Extremely functional.  Stayed up late mucking with it, but haven't hooked it up to the home office yet.  That'll be on tonight's agenda.  Audio and video are great.  I'm not sure I want to spend $10 a month for TV on my phone, though.  But how cool would it be to watch baseball in the office?
  • One frustrating note about switching from Palm OS back to Windows Mobile Pocket PC is the darn Windows navigation.  I'm on version 5.0 and I know the new version 6.0 is supposed to be nicer.  But even with that caveat, I'm already getting quick at getting to where I need to be.  And the phone has shortcut keys on it.  The Internet Explorer has some formatting issues with large webpages, and I'm going to try mobile Opera to see how that works.
  • Why not wait until the Apple iPhone?  Well, it's not broadband.  I'll wait until a future release.  I think Apple will do really well with that, but I'm a tech geek.  I don't really want a toy that's a music player first. 
  • So far, so good. 

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