Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Sin Neutral Lifestyle

  • If Al Gore can live a "carbon neutral" lifestyle by purchasing "carbon credits" to offset his huge energy bills, can one live a "sin neutral" lifestyle by prayin' to the Lord for forgiveness (aka, "sin credits") to offset one's less-than-holy lifestyle?  Just thinking to myself on this one.
  • Okay.  Just wait for it.  What?  Oh, the market is down as I type and I think everyone on the planet is waiting for the dip buyers to step in and turn it around.  Isn't that the status quo?  I think we'll see a time where that doesn't happen, so I'm not buying the dips.  Depends on time frames, right?
  • Of course, Norm Fosback would tell us that we want to be in at the end of the month through the first few days of the following month if we want to beat the market.  Just saying.
  • Our prayers have been answered.  Pizza as a health foodUniversity of Maryland food chemists said on Monday they had found ways to enhance the antioxidant content of whole-grain wheat pizza dough by baking it longer at higher temperatures and giving the dough lots of time to rise.
  • I woke up this morning, and my lower lip is all swollen.  Looks like I went a few rounds with HGH Rocky.  I have no idea why.  I was up a few times at night and everything was ok.  But after the alarm went off, I thought "Hmm, my lower lip kind of hurts."  And it started to swell.  Good grief.
  • American Idol results show going to 1-hour. That'd be longer.  As if we needed longer.  I rarely watch the result show, except maybe for the last few minutes to see who gets tossed.  Rarely that. But millions of you do watch it.  Gwen Stefani this week, I believe.    Wind it up.

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