Wednesday, March 28, 2007

She's Back; She's Blogging

  • Melissa Lee is back, baby! And blogging about debt.  Hat tip to Adam for noticing.
  • Right on cue, here comes the "$100 crude?" columns.  Was anyone writing them when crude was $50 a barrel, or were they predicting $35 crude at that time?  Sentiment is a funky monkey. 
  • Apple iPhone, hit or miss?  Dvorak argues.... missIt's the (Apple) loyalists who keep promoting this device as if it is going to be anything other than another phone is a crowded market. And it's exactly the crowded market aspect of this which analysts seem to be ignoring.  I'm watching the price point and the readiness of "the herd" to throw that chunk of change for something they already have or can get cheaper.  Plus, it's not broadband, right? 
  • Counterpoint: I have the Cingular 8525 which runs Windows Pocket PC, and I do have to re-boot here and there.  It's also menu-intensive, but there are shortcuts available.  (Love it, btw.)
  • One day, I suspect those "$100 crude" columns will be right, by the way.  It wouldn't take much of an international issue to get us there. 
  • Children deluged by food ads.  Aren't adults, too?  I mean, I'm humming the bars to those Carl's Jr's shake commercials.  (Never had the shake, though!)
  • What are the odds that the same teams that competed for the NCAA football title also compete for the basketball title?  Whoa, I'm getting a little ahead of myself.  Sorry Bruins and Hoyas fans. 
  • Joe Theismann axed from ESPN's Monday Night Football to move to college games?  C'mon, Joe:  "Dancing with the Stars," baby.  It's the logical next step.
  • Barry has some comments on Bernanke's testimony, just in case you want to see why investors freaked today.
  • Fly on Wall Street on his misadventures with Apple today.  LMAO.
  • From Wuzzadem, Sanjaya Malakar could win this thing (American Idol)!  No, I'm not putting up a pic of Sanjaya.  Also, Everyone is entitled to his opinion.  LMAO.

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